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Public Speaking Training

Profit Focused Public Speaking Training

Did you know that, “Different is better than better?”  That’s what you’ll learn in our uncommonly great public speaking training course entitled, “Speak for Profit.”

At the heart of this course are 4 main principles;

  1. How to engage an audience.
  2. How to set a tight context of trust, credibility and respect.
  3. How to find places to speak and build your audience.
  4. How to market your products and services on the “back-end.”

When you learn these 4 things, you will not only excel as a presenter, but you’ll notice a huge difference in cash flow.

Who is it for?

  • Authors
  • Speakers
  • Business Coaches
  • Information Sellers
  • Boardroom Presenters
  • Platform Selling
  • Tradeshow Marketing
  • Info-Products Creators
  • Corporate Up-Sells
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Teachers
  • Sales Representatives

What’s In It For YOU?

You will learn key presenting skills from Paul Tobey’s own advanced presentation marketing system that he has used to sell millions from the stage, in the boardroom and pretty much everywhere else he speaks.

Why Should You Attend this Public Speaking Training Seminar?

Because most aspiring leaders know that at some point they will have to present their thoughts, ideas and concepts to other people. That’s what makes them leaders; they’re not afraid to tell other people what they’re up to, where they’re going and ultimately how they’re getting there. What do you need to get you to that level? Do you give the perception in your industry that you are leading?

Here’s What You’ll Learn…

  • A complete step-by-step overview of how the entire presentation marketing system works and how it fits into your marketing plan.
  • Why Suggestology is the most powerful presenting secret since the invention of the microphone and how to use it effectively.
  • How to earn trust, credibility and respect in under 5 min. and keep it for the duration of your presentation.
  • How to manage energy, objections and boredom so that you can keep 100% of your audience engaged 100% of the time.

What are other saying about Paul’s Public Speaking Training?

“I have had experience with public speaking before, I thought that I knew a lot already. Wow! Was I wrong? Thank you very much for this great program. I would recommend this to everyone who needs to educate their people.”
Jason Robinson, President of Oldham Robinson Inc.
“What a phenomenal weekend. I really didn’t want it to end on one hand, but on the other, I am excited to get to work. I saw that I can do this and with the template and all the positive input, I can picture myself doing it and totally engaging a new passionate life. Thank you.”
Ruth Smith, Wellness trainer
“Mind blowing, fascinating, fantastic course. I have learned a lot. The template definitely works as by the end of the course I felt more comfortable standing at front of people and speaking. I have learned that content alone will never get the job done. It will only engage the audience if it is presented in the right context. Context is key! Although it was an all weekend intense course, the time flew by. Love the template and can’t wait to utilize it. Amazing material!!!”
Iana Kaspariants, Project Leader at Apotex Inc.
“Fantastic course! I learned more about professional speaking this weekend than I have in the past year. This course is going to help me achieve my ultimate speaking goals and dreams. Paul is an amazing trainer who brings the best out of his students. It is obvious that he truly care about the success of his clients. Thanks for all of your help Paul!”
Justin Popovic, Speaker/Trainer at Ignite your Essence

What Are Your Next Steps?

  • If YOU are a public speaker and you cannot wait to be super successful as an established public speaker then click here to book a 15 min. consultation with our in-house business advisor and learn “how we can help you” establish yourself as a professional speaker.