This highly sought after 3-Day Intensive is meticulously designed to help you learn exactly what you need to get to the next level and beyond.

…center stage looking out over a beautifully adorned conference room. Each and every well-dressed attendee in your standing room only audience of over 200 people has come to hear you guide them in a change of direction, give valuable answers and prepare them for the next steps in their lives and careers.

The applause fades as you slowly scan the room and connect with individuals that catch your eye – all in suspense of what you might say or do next. Then, because you’ve been highly trained and have learned exactly what to do to enroll and engage the entire room you begin by…

STOP! Do you really know exactly what to do now?

There is only ONE appropriate answer. And, that answer and every thing you need to know about what to say and do to earn their trust in the first 5 minutes and keep it right up until the end, can be learned in this country’s highest praised and most advanced presentation marketing course.

Everything else, is a guess.

Now ask yourself, how far has guessing taken you so far?

In Paul Tobey’s Speak for Profit 3-Day Intensive presentation marketing course you will finally get the answers you’re looking for. Such as; when will I finally get my due and be perceived a leader?

This course is specifically designed for authors, speakers, trainers, executives, business owners and experts who intend to earn leadership status by training, public speaking and/or giving keynotes.

Candidates are selected through an interview process and all courses are limited to 30 attendees per session. In addition, you are guaranteed personal one on one training with Paul Tobey, who by the way, just happens to be one of the highest paid speakers in the country.

You will learn:

  • How to master the world’s most powerful introduction template that will enroll and engage 100% of your audience and earn trust, credibility and respect in the first 5 minutes of your presentation.

  • How to eliminate the fear of public speaking once and for all by learning the root cause of your fear and 13 practical ways to deal with it permanently.

  • Paul Tobey’ personal and proprietary training template – one that you can duplicate over and over again to achieve your own desired results.

  • How to set the “rules for learning” that will initiate a more powerful learning mindset for everyone.

  • 10 Little-Known Suggestology techniques that can hook the minds of your audience keeping them active, awake and learning.

  • Advanced NLP techniques that accelerate your participants learning ability.

  • Key logistics: Why room set up is critical to group psychology, and 10 pre-training areas that DEMAND your attention before each training/keynote.

  • Your Content Goes Here
  • How to layout a highly effective course in just a few hours.

  • How to use an advanced sales template to back-end your presentations and walk away with a higher percentage of sales.

  • How to take questions and answer questions effectively so that everyone feels part of the process.

  • How to fill a room with eager participants using a 2-tiered marketing system that is not only highly effective but will cost you next to nothing!

Here is what our Certification delivers that our competition can not!

  • We believe in free publicity. We help you create your one-sheet and 4 segment ideas for the media and teach you how to pitch!

  • How to put “bums in seats” at your seminars using presentation marketing and trade show marketing.

  • Our CEO, Paul Tobey, is also a Digital Marketing expert. You’ll get valuable information on how to maximize your internet presence to attract new speaking engagements and more sales.

  • You’ll learn key elements required on your website to help you leverage and grab hold of a competitive edge.

  • You will receive Paul Tobey’s “secret” training template.

  • You will learn how to design the most irresistible offer and how to make that offer from the stage (convert your audience into sales)

  • Magicians keep their secrets. So do the top speakers. Here you will learn some incredible “top speaker” secrets you will never find in any book or training program.


“Fantastic course! I learned more about professional speaking this weekend than I have in the past year. This course is going to help me achieve my ultimate speaking goals and dreams. Paul is an amazing trainer who brings the best out of his students. It is obvious that he truly care about the success of his clients. Thanks for all of your help Paul!”
Justin Popovic , Speaker/Trainer at Ignite your Essence
“I have had experience with public speaking before, I thought that I knew a lot already. Wow! Was I wrong? Thank you very much for this great program. I would recommend this to everyone who needs to educate their people.”
Jason Robinson, President of Oldham Robinson Inc.
“Mind blowing, fascinating, fantastic course. I have learned a lot. The template definitely works as by the end of the course I felt more comfortable standing at front of people and speaking. I have learned that content alone will never get the job done. It will only engage the audience if it is presented in the right context. Context is key! Although it was an all weekend intense course, the time flew by. Love the template and can’t wait to utilize it. Amazing material!!!” .
Iana Kaspariants, Project Leader at Apotex Inc
“What a phenomenal weekend. I really didn’t want it to end on one hand, but on the other, I am excited to get to work. I saw that I can do this and with the template and all the positive input, I can picture myself doing it and totally engaging a new passionate life. Thank you.”
Ruth Smith , Wellness trainer
“What an honour! A complete and total experience way beyond expectations. Everyone is a winner with you Paul!” Thank you, Thank you, Thank You!”
Maxine Warsh, Facial Rejuvenation
“The weekend was both informative and interactive. It is a must for everyone who wants to make any money by sharing what they know in front of people.”
Gord Lemon, VP Canadian Wealth Builders
“You shook up my world! Templates are great. The delivery of my presentation will certainly move to a higher level.”
Lynn Lewis, Sr. Wealth Advisor at ScotiaMcLeod
“Paul Tobey’s class was inspiring & grounding all at the same time. Fill with an extraordinary amount of useful, practical and immediately implementable information, the course is a great value, jam packed & fun!”
Susan McLennan , BabbleOn Communications
“This is the best course I have ever taken. I learned so much, there is a lot of practical information on how to make presentations that sell, based on a proven model and track record, but most of all, I learned to overcome my fear of giving presentations. I cannot even quantify the value that I have received in this seminar; it is worth ten times the cost. Thank you Paul, You’re Awesome!!”
Michell Loftus , Sunflower Tours
“Paul delivered another extremely energized training course. The Train the Trainer course was worth way more than the cost. His ability to deliver his business experiences in a real heartfelt way. Thank you again for an over the top training course.”
David Sheldon, Sellingworx Plus Inc.
“Amazing…Valuable…Fun….Intensive!!!! Thank you, Paul (and all who have had a hand in this), for the inspiration, information, edutainment and years of hard work that have created this unique experience. I will begin tomorrow! Many blessings…love and light!”
Christine Patton, Speaker/Trainer at Lotus Inspirations
“Paul’s course is life changing, it allowed me to overcome an almost paralyzing fear of public speaking in a safe & encouraging atmosphere.” Thank You Paul so much!”
Gayle Robertson, MXI Corp
“Paul gave a fantastic 3-Day seminar. I will be a far better presenter than I could possibly have been without this training. I can’t say enough about how much Paul gave of himself! I’ve never experienced such a constant outpouring of focused care. The templates are wonderful! They ma