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We Help Successful Business Professionals Learn Exceptional Speaking Skills To Generate More Sales and Increase Profits


We Help Successful Business Professionals Learn Exceptional Speaking Skills To Generate More Sales and Increase Profits

The Next 3-Day Train the Trainer Intensive with Paul Tobey Is
August 23 2019, – August 25 2019

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From the desk of Paul Tobey, Jan 2018:

Back in 2005 when I first decided that I was going to change my life by helping others, I knew that I had to get some training on how to connect with people from the stage.  My first “paid” course since university was Train the Trainer with Peak Potentials.  Since then, I have taken numerous courses and been mentored by 9 different public speaking teachers and trainers including:  T. Harv Eker, Rob Riopel, Larry Gilman, Brian Klemmer and even Tony Robbins.

I’ve learned a great many things over the past 12 years, not just from my mentors but by honing my speaking craft on a daily basis.  Learning by doing is easily the best way to improve, however without the context of training and speaking that I learned from others, I would not be where I am today, that’s for certain.

Over the years, I have applied my diverse and experienced speaking knowledge to seminars, training, board room presentations, sales meetings, my radio show on Global News 640 Toronto, trade shows, conferences, webinars, live stream presentations and even piano performances.

Train the trainer is easily the best investment I’ve ever made.  I have literally earned millions from the stage and continue to learn and find new ways of reaching people.

I’ve learned that if you truly desire success, then you need to help enough people get what they want so you can have what you want.  I encourage you to seriously consider Train the Trainer to be part of your personal and professional development plans for 2018.

Keep reading to disover my philosophy on speaking and exactly what you will learn in this amazing 3-day life altering experience…

The Next 3-Day Train the Trainer Intensive with Paul Tobey Is Wed April 3 thru Fri April 5

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Data Doesn’t Matta

No matter how you slice it, data is boring.  And the more data you give the less interesting it becomes. According to researchers, the average human attention span is now less than 8 seconds.  We’ll train you how to capture 100% of your audience’s attention, 100% of the time.

Context Over Content

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it that matters.  If a bowl springs even the tiniest of leaks, all the water (content) will dissipate. The same goes for public speaking. The order of a presentation, engaging delivery and audience participation is context.

Stories are Memorable

  1. After 40 years, I finally made it to the stage at Carnegie Hall. And while everyone expected me to just play the piano, I first shared a short story on how I ended up there in the first place. Then, everyone held their breath as I graced the first notes. I remember thinking, “I’m sure most of them are relieved that I can actually play.”  And as I ramped up the flurry of notes over the next 4 ½ minutes, I could feel the energy building.  Before the last note was played all 2,200 people were on their feet.

    Stick that in your “information is important” pipe and smoke it.


ETR Comes Before Ideas

Before you share information, people need to hear your story so they can relate to you and so that you can Earn the Right (ETR) to speak about what you’re speaking about. Never give just a bio and never teach anything that you can’t prove.

Questions Hook the Mind

Why do questions hook the mind?  Because, the mind has been trained to automatically respond to questions.  Anything you can state, can be framed in the form of a question.

Come From Service

If you truly want the best for your audience, don’t perform.  Instead, come from a place of service.  Give of yourself without the expectation of reward and you will be handsomely rewarded.

Make the Audience the Star

You are not the star, your audience is.  And when you learn how to turn the tables from ego based performance to audience inclusion and interaction, you’ll finally make the kind of money that most speakers will never know.

Take a moment and picture yourself…

…center stage looking out over a beautifully adorned conference room. Each and every well-dressed attendee in your standing room only audience of over 200 people has come to hear you guide them in a change of direction, give valuable answers and prepare them for the next steps in their lives and careers.

The applause fades as you slowly scan the room and connect with individuals that catch your eye – all in suspense of what you might say or do next. Then, because you’ve been highly trained and have learned exactly what to do to enroll and engage the entire room you begin by…


Do you really know exactly what to do now?

There is only ONE appropriate answer. And, that answer and every thing you need to know about what to say and do to earn their trust in the first 5 minutes and keep it right up until the end, can be learned in this country’s highest praised and most advanced presentation marketing course.

Everything else, is a guess.

Now ask yourself, how far has guessing taken you so far?

In Paul Tobey’s “Train the Trainer” 3-Day Intensive presentation marketing course you will finally get the answers you’re looking for. Such as; when will I finally get my due and be perceived a leader?

This course is specifically designed for authors, speakers, trainers, executives, business owners and experts who intend to earn leadership status by training, public speaking and/or giving keynotes.

Candidates are selected through an interview process and all courses are limited to 30 attendees per session. In addition, you are guaranteed personal one on one training with Paul Tobey, who by the way, just happens to be one of the highest paid speakers in the country.