• $297/hour

In order to keep your digital marketing skills up to date, it’s always a great idea to meet one-on-one with digital marketers who apply their craft to multiple business verticals on a daily basis.

In this highly customized and exclusive one-on-one training scenario you will learn how to make the most effective use  of your current marketing strategies and how to create more effective ones. Discover new and ultimately profitable techniques, tips, tricks and solid digital marketing strategies that have proven results to back them up.

In this training you’ll not only get a high-level overview, we’ll also dive into this  nitty-gritty technical aspects of digital marketing including; advanced web design, hypnotic copywriting, CRM automation, content creation, lead capture and conversion strategies, paid search, organic search and a host of other digital marketing skills that will take your business or digital marketing career to a whole new level.

Product Benefits

  • Work with industry leading digital marketing experts
  • Discover step-by-step processes to designing and building marketing and sales campaigns
  • Learn about new software and coding processes to  create beautiful and responsive online assets
  • Tackle advanced automated CRM systems for creating more leads and higher sales conversions
  • Ask specific questions and get direct answers regarding your own digital marketing projects

Who This Product Is For

This product is ideal for business owners, digital marketing officers and marketers who want to:

  • Learn about cutting-edge digital marketing strategies
  • Get direct answers on how to optimize current digital marketing campaigns
  • Obtain key insights into raising the numbers on lead capture and conversion
  • Learn about new software, coding and technological breakthroughs



  • $297/hour


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