• 3 Months | $12,000 Per Person

Description Of Training:

When your company’s goal is to “scale up”, training is key to getting your team aligned with your vision, mission and purpose. Then, use that in your marketing initiatives to stand out in today’s competitive marketplace.

Module 1. In this intensive training you will determine your Inside Advantage: WHO? A statement that describes your company’s high priority targets, & WHAT? What is your uncommon offering in the marketplace.  HOW? How do you sell your “what” to your “who?” OWN IT – A series of imaginative events which will solidify your uncommon brand in the marketplace.

Module 2. In order to scale up, deliver on your promises and create brand awareness, you will need to create a solid Vision for your company.  Vision is made up of 3 essential components: Mission, Purpose & Core Values.  Learn the meaning of each and the critical role they play in the hiring and firing of employees, subcontractors and clients.

Module 3. Once the team is aligned with mission, vision and purpose, you are ready to take on the marketing & sales activities such as SEO, UXO, paid search, marketing automation, content marketing and more! Your team will learn how content creation helps with your SEO and convert more leads into sales.

Ongoing 1-on-1 Training. Once your team has completed all 3 intensive training modules, your team will have access to 1-on-1 personalized training (up to 5 hours per month) with one of our digital marketing experts. This customized portion of the training is to help your team master Infusionsoft CRM, Paid Search Analysis and reporting, Keyword Analysis, Content creation, Video Optimization, Store optimization and much more.

Product Benefits

  • Develop a “clear and focused” vision, mission and purpose.
  • Get a dramatic improvement in your “company’s core culture”.
  • Develop a list of “core values” that you can use to hire, fire and assess performance.
  • Set the strategy to drive the execution of your growth plans, and how to keep the entire team accountable.
  • Create better “brand awareness.”
  • Apply advanced online marketing skills to create more traffic, get more leads and convert more sales.
  • Apply content marketing strategies to all your online projects.

Who This Product Is For

This program is ideal for companies who:

  • Want to take their executive team to the next level
  • Are ready to scale up
  • Want to develop high-performing teams
  • Want to plan for the future
  • Want to establish a core culture within the organization
  • Want to get better online results



  • 3 Months | $12,000 Per Person


Paul Tobey – CEO

Adrian – Digital Marketing Strategist

Nancy – COO & Marketing Strategist

Atty – Web Design & Graphic Design

Mike – CRM Specialist

Possibly other members of the team for specific individualized training.


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