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There’s Plenty of Reasons Why Infusionsoft Is The Leading Sales & Marketing Software For Small Business. Here are 6 Reasons Why You Should Pick Infusionsoft VS Other CRMs

#6 – Because Infusionsoft Will Automatically Organize Your Day


When a client interacts with your website and your email communications, it will trigger actions based on pre-configured Infusionsoft campaigns. Then, the resulting actions will create tasks in your executive dashboard that you have to take care of.  Each task will be something that you have to do manually based on what the client has triggered. Our focus as a trusted Infusionsoft Certified company is to automate your systems and processes to save time and drive more consistent sales.

Example 1: Let’s say a client has requested a video demonstration of your service. The system will respond with the appropriate emails to get the client to watch your videos.  If they do not, after a few emails, then a task is created for you to follow up with them by email or phone and find out why.

Example 2: Let’s say a client has opted into your “lead to consult” campaign and has booked their own appointment.  Email reminders are sent to the client and a task is put in your executive dashboard on the day of your appointment along with specific instructions on what internal forms or note templates to fill out with the results of the meeting.

#5 – Because Infusionsoft Will Automate Your Marketing

Marketing Automation is the “Golden Key” that unlocks new business!  Imagine a world where your leads never slip through the cracks. The Infusionsoft campaign builder is literally one of the most advanced marketing automation systems available on planet Earth and when it comes to capture and conversion it is second to none.

Pre-configured campaigns are the supercharged engine that makes the system hum. Here are a couple of examples of how the advanced campaign builder can automate your marketing, sales and even fulfillment.

Example 1: A potential client visits a webpage on your site and clicks a link to watch a video demonstration of your product or service. The link prompts them to fill out a quick form because you have set the price of admission as an e-mail address. When the form is filled out, a confirmation link is sent by e-mail automatically. Once that link is clicked, you now have 100% CASL compliant permission to e-mail them whenever you want. At this point, a series of e-mails are sent in order to get the prospect to click a link to watch the video demonstration. Then another series of e-mails are sent to prompt the prospect to book an appointment. Picture in your mind how many leads you will close with a system that never forgets to communicate.

Example 2: A potential client drops by your trade show booth and after a quick conversation the client agrees to follow-up meeting after the conference.  How many times have you forgotten to contact that person, lost their business card or have tried to contact them without success? With Infusionsoft it’s as simple as taking a photo of their business card with the “SNAP” app on your smart phone. The photo is then verified by a human being at Infusionsoft and 5 min. later you verify the contact details. Once verified, all you have to do is add one pre-configured “smart tag” to the contact record with your smart phone. That launches a series of e-mails to prompt the client to book an appointment based on your available times. If the client does not respond to the e-mails, it then creates a task for you to follow-up with the client by phone.

#4 – Because Infusionsoft Closes Deals

Turning leads into sales has never been easier with the advanced Infusionsoft system. There are many ways to convert new clients but Infusionsoft can help you convert more clients while spending less time. Infusionsoft can handle an infinite number of sales pipeline stages. From the initial qualification of the lead right through the closing of the sale and everything in between, Infusionsoft can automate each stage with accuracy and ease.

Example: How many times have you or your sales team dropped the ball in the natural course of closing a deal? With Infusionsoft, you can now move the prospect through the different sales pipeline stages and it will automate many of the communications and tasks associated with each stage. You meet a prospect at a networking meeting and they are interested in your services. When you get back to the office, you put their contact information into Infusionsoft and then move the opportunity into the “contacting” pipeline stage. In that stage are pre-configured e-mails that inform the client that you will be calling them in the next few days. If there is anything for the client to prepare for that meeting the e-mails will direct them to do so. Once contacted, you fill out an internal form with the results of the meeting. On that form our radio buttons to move the client into whatever stage you decide. You could move them into the “site visit” stage, the “needs more information” stage or even the “final sales stage.” You can also choose which salesperson is in charge of each stage and that person will receive tasks associated with whatever stage the client is in.

#3 – Because You Can Sell Online

Have you ever wanted to sell a product or service online but didn’t want the hassle and cost of customizing an entire shopping cart and checkout system? With Infusionsoft you don’t have to. The Infusionsoft e-commerce package includes a shopping cart that you can customize, with an “easy to add products” interface. Getting products into your Infusionsoft store, setting prices and customizing purchasing options is as easy as 123. And Infusionsoft works with most merchant service providers which makes it easy to set up your payment system for all major credit cards.

Example #1: A potential customer visits a sales page on your website but instead of buying they opt instead for the lead magnet. Your enticing “no cost in money” and “low cost in time” offer is delivered to them through e-mail. With each link clicked the customer moves closer and closer to a buying decision. After a few e-mails, you embed a customized link which takes the client directly to your online store and within a few clicks the customer purchases your product or service. Once purchased, the nurture sequences stop automatically and fulfillment begins.

Example #2: You meet a potential client on day one at a training seminar. Because of the seminar you’re too busy to follow up with a client in any meaningful way. Instead, you take a picture of a business card with the “SNAP” app. A human verifies the contact details and puts them in Infusionsoft as a contact record. You add one tag called “Infusionsoft Demo – Start” to their profile which automatically starts the Infusionsoft Demo campaign. That campaign sends a series of e-mails prompting the client to watch the demonstration. Once the client has completed the demonstration, a series of follow-up e-mails are sent with embedded store links to purchase the software. Once purchased, the follow-up e-mails cease and fulfillment begins.

#2 – Because Brand Is “Promises Delivered” – Automate Your Fulfillment

Infusionsoft NPS

When you want to build a strong brand for your business, think “fulfillment.” Delivering on your promises will build brand far faster than any other method. It’s when you do not deliver on your promises that erodes trust and destroys your brand. With Infusionsoft, fulfillment is easy. Whether you are delivering on a service or product it will create the right amount of communications needed to over-deliver on your promises and keep the customer enthusiastic and excited.

Example #1: A customer purchases one of your popular consulting programs. Immediately they receive a congratulatory e-mail with an entire indoctrination sequence of the things that they should prepare for and need for the duration of your consulting program. Throughout each stage of the delivery of your service, automated e-mails are sent to keep the customer on track and in the know for everything that is happening.

Example #2: You make a product sale at a trade show and immediately place the contact details for the customer in Infusionsoft and add a “fulfillment – start” tag to their profile. The system kicks into gear and send them a congratulatory e-mail for their purchase. Then it sends a series of e-mails to show them how to use their product effectively. It also sends them e-mails on how to connect with customer service and get repairs if needed. It then sends them an “NPS” (net promoter score) survey two weeks after purchase. With three simple radio button options, the client rates your product and service on a scale of 1 to 10. The final question is, “How likely are you to recommend this product to someone else?” If the client scores 8 thru 10, a follow-up e-mail is sent to them so they can recommend it to someone they know. The effectiveness of asking for referrals from an existing client who would be likely to refer you, is extremely powerful.

#1 – Because the Business Intelligence From The Executive Dashboard Helps You Make the Tough Decisions on Where To Focus Your Advertising, Marketing & Sales Resources

Infusionsoft Executive Dashboard

Recent Stats Canada results show that 86% of all Canadian businesses do not have an executive dashboard that can give them current or relevant business intelligence to make wise decisions. The Infusionsoft executive dashboard mines the data of your most important marketing and sales campaigns and delivers key performance indicators (KPI’s) that will help you to decide where to focus your advertising budget and other resources. The executive dashboard is 100% configurable for all campaigns including marketing, sales, fulfillment, HR and finance.

Example 1: Your marketing team decides to put $1000 a month towards Google Adwords and drive traffic to a lead capture page to watch a video demo of your product. On that page is an embedded Infusionsoft form which captures the customer data and starts and automated sequence. Your executive dashboard can tell you how many people opt in, how many people have downloaded the video demo, how many are waiting to watch the video, how many have watched the video and requested an appointment, how many people are waiting for an appointment, how many people have completed the appointment and purchased your product.

Example 2: Your marketing and sales team decides to send out a series of e-mails to invite past clients to book a 45 min. consult for your new products and services. Your executive dashboard can tell you how many people book appointments, how many people are waiting to have their appointment, how many people are waiting to be updated in the system after their appointment, how many did not show up for the appointment, how many are qualified for the new products and services, how many people could not be contacted, and finally how many people actually purchased your new product and service. The executive dashboard key performance indicators will tell you how successful the campaign is in real-time.

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