Full HD Livestream Studio Rental In Toronto

 Broadcast and Connect To Your Online Audience Today

Full HD Livestream Studio Rental In Toronto

 Broadcast and Connect To Your Online Audience Today

What Can You Do In Our Studio?

This studio is suitable for a Seminar, Training Session, Book Launch, Product Launch, Infomercials, Interviews and Online Meetings

What Industry Verticals Do We Serve?

Medical, Inspirational, Tech & Digital, Motivational, Real Estate, Product Training, Customer Experience Training and More

Livestream your content & Record live in HD with our turn-key LiveStream Studio in Toronto. Your audience can tune in for your high-quality presentation from anywhere in the world.

Our professional HD Livestream Studio is a turn-key facility with stage, lighting and seating capacity for up to 65 people theatre style.  We have built a world-class facility that can broadcast your live event to your tribe. You never have an excuse to not be live again.

What Is A Livestream Studio?

We have invested generously in human resources and technology so you don’t have to. Our Livestream Studio Rental services allow anyone to broadcast HD video to the internet from our studio.  Training Business Pros is currently a top destination for live digital marketing training content from around the world.

You can monetize your Livestream by having your members pay for it. Or, you can sell advertising to support your Livestream broadcast.  Our studio is ready with feature-rich, premium services for anyone looking to upgrade their customer experience.  Think of adding branding, commercials, back of stage access, interviews and much more.

Our technology supports live chat, all executed with ease using the real-time posting tools from both mobile and the web. Imagine all the new tools that allow more people to discover your event, interact with you and share it across the web.

If you want more stick with your employees, members and/or tribe, more sales and offer more rich content, this new platform can combine live video with real-time photos, text, and video clip updates. You can take questions from your online tribe via twitter or chat. You can interact with your live audience at the same time.

“The Live Stream training from Training Business Pros provided me with the option of participating in the Digital Marketing & Sales Certification course from my own office, which saved me considerable travel time. The video and sound quality was excellent, and the ability to ask questions live allowed me to participate in the discussions. I now have access to the recorded sessions of the course to review any of the content if needed. I would highly recommend it!”
Jason Coviello, Roma Fuels

How Does It Work?

  1. Choose the date you wish to broadcast live to your audience.
  2. Invite a Live audience if you choose (we recommend a 3 email roll out)
  3. You show up for make-up and lighting tests (Please wear solid colors for best picture).
  4. Take a rest before you go live.
  5. You get on stage and do your magic
  6. Our production team takes care of the rest
Health & Wellness Broadcast
Livestream Studio Theatre Seating

Studio Highlights

  • Live Streaming to RTMP Services (i.e. UStream Pro)
  • Live Video Switching and Output
  • A combination of Full HD and 4k Ready cameras
  • Supported up to 5 Live Inputs (4 Camera Inputs + Video-wall)
  • Full Frame-Rate Multi-View
  • Graphic Overlays & Cut/Fade Transitions
  • Record Full-Res AVCHD
  • H.264/AAC Multi-Bitrate Encoder

Seating Capacity

  • 65 People Theatre Style
  • 35 People Classroom Style

The space is quite versatile and can be setup in pretty much any configuration you wish.  If necessary we can also bring in specialized furniture as we work closely with a reputable event rental company.


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“The Live Stream experience for me was fantastic! As a recent graduate from the Digital Marketing and Sales program, I can say that Paul’s pedagogy is truly one of a kind. To be able to teach others, keep them motivated, engaged and offer help is already admirable, but to be able to convey this through a computer screen and an online chat was phenomenal. I would definitely recommend to young professionals, like myself who live far away from the Training Business Pros office to participate in the live-stream experience.”
Melissa Campo, King's Court Estate Winery

About the Livestream Studio

Our Livestream studio rental is a customized open concept space that features a professional stage with an extensive lighting package which can be customized to your logo or brand colors. 

  • Dedicated WIFI/ Fiber
  • Facility 760 square feet (33’ x 23’)
  • Video wall consisting of 4 x 55” Screens (8’1” x 4’8”)
  • Flipchart
  • Stage with back lit wall (18’W x 10.5’H)
  • LED studio lights (3 Key Lights, 2 Fill Lights)
  • Lighting trusses 15’ wide at 13′ height
  • Stage measures at 20’L x 6.5’W
  • Wireless microphones (2 Presenter Mics and 2+ Guest mics)
  • Full support staff: On-site production for sound, lighting, livestream connections, etc
  • Lunch room with Kitchenette (fridge, microwave, coffee maker, tables and chairs)
  • Air conditioned and heated
  • Free Parking: location (near Leslie/401)
  • Polished concrete floors
  • White Walls
  • Fiber Internet
  • Security
  • Green Screen

Post Production Editing

  • Post Processing: Corrections. Cuts. Audio Edits. Music. Color. Basic Branding.    | 3.5hrs
  • Motion Graphics: Lower Third(s). Branding in Motion. Slide Contents.     | +1.5 hrs
  • 2D/3D Animation: animation of processes/ steps/ demonstrations/ slide contents     | 2-5hrs




Post Production Editing

  • Post Processing: Corrections. Cuts. Audio Edits. Music. Color. Basic Branding.    | 3.5hrs
  • Motion Graphics: Lower Third(s). Branding in Motion. Slide Contents.     | +1.5 hrs
  • 2D/3D Animation: animation of processes/ steps/ demonstrations/ slide contents     | 2-5hrs




Need Green Screen?

We also offer Green Screen services in house. Our team will help you maximize your video by putting you in front of any background you chose. With Green Screen you can put you or your product in front of your customized logo, in front of the Eiffel Tower, we can even put you in space. Green screen is ideal for

  • Sales videos
  • Commercials
  • Infomercials
  • Product Launches
  • Landing Page Videos









Q. Can I bring my own production team?

A. Yes, but they have to shadow our team. To minimize the risk of mistakes, something breaking, or any liability from either party, only our crew is allowed touching our equipment.

Q.I’m looking for a really cool space. Can I decorate the live stream studio the way I want and bring in my own furniture?

A. Yes, we recommend Higgins Event Rentals. While we made the room as generic as possible to fit all occasions, it’s modern and looks great on screen.

You can design and decorate. The limitation is that you can’t put holes in the walls, introduce nails, screws, or do affix that may be considered damage to our space. If you want to hang anything from the ceiling, this must be done with WSIB compliance and you must present proof of proper insurance.

The stage wall, video wall and stage are permanent fixtures, cannot be moved, and must not be altered in any way.

Q. I have a big project that will need your live stream studio rental space for several days.

A. We operate a full time training facility and our space is often in use. Book early to reserve your space.

Q. How long does it take to shoot and create my new Awesome Landing Page Videos!

 A.We recommend that engaging videos to be 1 minute long, no longer than 3 mins long. It usually takes us about 1 hour set up time, and a 3 hour shoot. We block 4 hours for you. We can help you with script, hypnotic conversion copy, coach you through the process, and help you succeed during your shoot. In all, it’s a 4 hour shoot.

  • One person Filming: Landing Page video. One Cam     | 30min setup. 1hr shoot
  • One person Filming: Interview Business official. Multi Cam     | 1hr setup. 2hrs+ shoot
  • 1PLUS person Filming: Landing Page video. One Cam  | 1hr setup. 3hr shoot
  • 1PLUS person Filming: Interview Business officials. Multi Cam     | 1.5hr setup. 4hrs shoot

In post, we edit the video, add royalty free music, add your logos, do a bit of animation, add some sizzle, and voila. Within a week or two you have your new awesome sizzle videos.

Q. I want to do Livestream Only. Can I edit my Livestream to produce 3 or 4 content videos for a series I can sell?

A. Great idea! Once you have your livestream, we can bundle it, re-package it, and produce rich content for you to re-sell. We do it all the time. You can re-purpose your Livestream in multiple ways and monetize it.  Let us know what is the outcome you are looking for, and we can help you bundle, package and help you find opportunities to produce something to up-sell your other products and services.

Q. I really want a 30 second commercial for my website and/or TV. Do you also have any experience with buying ad space? Is it worth it?

A. Yes, we have experience with buying TV ads, radio Ads, and Digital Ads. We’ve tried it all. Some succeeded better than others.  So, we can help you navigate these uncertain purchases.  The great thing is that you are working with Digital Marketers who have over 20 years experience in audio production, video production, conversions and reading metrics.

Q. I’m a tribe leader and have products and services to sell. Can you help me reverse engineer a plan to sell my stuff?

A. We are expert digital marketers. We own the #1 Digital Marketing Training company in Canada. We are Certified Infusionsoft Partners and Trusted Advisors. We are excellent at helping build out sales funnels. In fact, many of the companies we have worked with have successfully received government grants to work with us.  Ask us how if you qualify to help offset the expenses of building out your sales funnel and training with us.

“For me, the convenience and ease of taking the Digital Marketing program via webinar was an incredible experience. The live chat window made asking questions and getting answers in a real time a breeze. The live staff supported me each and every minute, making it really feel like a VIP learning experience. This webinar has taught me not only how to help drive our business, but has provided valuable tools for managing our Business, Digital & Social Media Marketing process. A sincere Thank You to Paul, Nancy, Nick and the rest of the TBP Team.”
Jessika Vey, Divorce the Smartway
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