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What would your Ideal site look like?

Please give us some information regarding your competitors and sites you find attractive.

Describe your Ideal Customer(s)?

Please provide some detailed information about your target market.

Describe Your Sales Cycle

Please provide some detailed information concerning your typical sales process.

What marketing Strategies Do You Employ?

Please provide details answers to the following questions concerning your marketing current tactics.

Critical information We Need To Move Forward

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  • Your Website
  • Customers
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Please Identify 3 Sites that represent your style preferences

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Name 3 Sites That You Consider To Be Your Direct Competition

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Customer Information

What products/services do they buy from you?

How did they find you?

What is their annual sales/income?

What conferences would your ideal customer attend?

Here are they located? Male/female? Age demographic?

What is the average spend of your typical client?

Please provide answers to all the following questions

How long is your typical sales cycle?

Do you upsell? (i.e. renewals, new services, re-occurring commissions, etc)

What is your annual sales/income?

Which product(s) or service(s) generates the most revenue for you?

Which sales funnel do you wish to improve? How?

Please provide answers to all the following questions

Which Best Describes Your Current Sales Model?

What lead tactics are you currently using?

What are your current sources of digital bribes?

Which one converts best right now?

What fulfillment tactics are you currently using?

Once You Have The Lead In Your Bucket, What Normally Happens?

Which of those tactics are performing best?

Company Information

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Hosting Information

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