We Make Sure That All Our Trainees, Students, And Clients Have The Same Access To Resources That We Have. So Here’s What We Use To Make Our Marketing Magic Happen!


We Make Sure That All Our Trainees, Students, And Clients Have The Same Access To Resources That We Have. So Here’s What We Use To Make Our Marketing Magic Happen!

Canada Ontario Job Grant Logos

Canada Job Grant – Great News! All of our training courses and marketing implementations, including the complete Digital Marketing & Sales Certification Program, are now covered by the New Ontario Job Grant. That means that you and/or your employees can take our courses and the government will pay your tuition. For more information about how to qualify click here.

Live Stream Studio

Live Stream Studio Rental – Our professional HD Livestream Studio is a turn-key facility with stage, lighting and seating capacity for up to 65 people theatre style.  We have built a world-class facility that can broadcast your live event to your tribe. You never have an excuse to not be live again.

Business Heroes Group (Formerly Toronto Infusionsoft User Group) – Small business owners, whether they use Infusionsoft or not, meet here from the world, meet live online via our HD Livestream Studio once a month to strengthen their knowledge and use of the Infusionsoft App and to help everyone involved achieve ultimate business success.

Market SamuraiWe’ve been using this keyword research software tool for a long time and we’ve just got to say that it really blows all other methods out of the water for finding highly targeted keyword phrases that get loads of searches and have low competition in the least amount of time. It’s a great product and it gets my highest 5 star recommendation.

Infusionsoft Email Marketing, CRM and eCommerce – Infusionsoft makes your sales and marketing easier. How? By bringing together everything you need into a single online system built exclusively for small businesses.

  • CRM to help you capture new leads, streamline the sales process and close more deals
  • Email and Social Marketing integration to engage and convert leads into customers
  • E-Commerce to boost online sales by connecting your storefront to your contact records and marketing
  • All-in-One sales & marketing software built exclusively for small businesses

For more info on Infusionsoft and Canadian Infusionsoft pricing, please contact our office or book an appointment.

Appointmentcore is simply an amazing product.  It allows you to create individual booking links so that clients can schedule their own appointments for various things such as: consults, treatments, sales, training etc.  It’s fully integrated with Infusionsoft so that appointment bookings can trigger Infusionsoft automation.

In recent tests we discovered that at least twice the amount of clients will book appointments through Appointment core vs the standard procedure of calling in to schedule.  The system is completely synced with Google Calendar and if you book your own appointments through Google, it reconciles your availability in Appointmentcore.  We love it and out clients love it.

Our own proprietary software that allows you to optimize and beautify your Infusionsoft web forms for desktop and mobile. With awesome features such as form validation, completely customizable CSS, an easy to use interface, and conversion tracking right in your WordPress dashboard! and the best part, it starts out FREE! To download it go here.

Dragon Naturally Speaking – This software by Nuance is by far the biggest time saver I have ever used. I at is an advanced voice recognition software that essentially types what you speak. It is far more accurate than it was even just a few years ago because you train it. It follows your voice inflections such as tone, speed, volume and pitch. This product gets my highest 5 star ***** recommendation. I personally use the professional version but for most people Dragon Naturally Speaking 11 Home edition had an amazing $99 will work just fine.

Domain Name Registration – Registering your domain name can be daunting due to the number of choices available. I always recommend “” due to its low price and its easy to use control panel. To register your domain name click the link…

 Hosting – Paul Tobey recommends this great hosting company; Site Ground. To signup with them click here

E-Commerce – Many of our graduates end up launching online stores. You could spend $10,000 getting a customized online store or you could download Woo Commerce for free.

Hootsuite is a fantastic social media aggregator that lets you manage your social media accounts all in one cloud app.  One of the most beneficial features is the ability to do custom real time searches of social media for keywords, trends, blogs, contacts etc…

Click here to get your FREE Hootsuite Account.

Brilliant text-messaging automation & completely integrated with Infusionsoft CRM.  Test from the stage reveal 80% text optin rates and then 50% email optin rates from the text campaigns.  FIND OUT MORE