Digital Marketing & Sales Certification


Our 3-day Dynamic Digital Marketing Training & Certification helps businesses succeed in the highly competitive online world.

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“Give me 3 days and I’ll give you results!”

Our 3-day Digital Marketing Training & Certification helps businesses and marketers learn extraordinary techniques to ramp up your game to beat out your closest competition!

Many CEOs and top management may have the ability to communicate their ideas, but often lack internet marketing knowledge. They simply do not know the right questions to ask. Finally, when it comes time to measure their ROI, most companies are shooting in the dark.

Who Should Attend
Marketing Executives, Business Consultants, Team Leaders, Managers, Business Owners, Department Heads, And yes, the CEOs and COOs who desire accountability and a huge ROI!

About the Trainer
Paul Tobey is well known as the expert;s trainer. He has trained over 22,000 business owners and entrepreneurs throughout Canada and the United States. Paul Tobey, CEO, is Canada’s #1 leading trainer in internet marketing and presentation techniques. He has trained some of Canada;s top SEO firms and independent webmasters that went on to build impressive internet marketing businesses.