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Getting Premium Clients at
Premium Prices Is Now Easier Than You Think... 

Getting Premium Clients at Premium Prices Is Now Easier
Than You Think... 

Watch this 36 min previously recorded webinar to get the details.  This client generating system requires less time, less money in advertising costs and converts a minimum of 1 in 5 prospects.  Yes, it may go against current trends and conventional knowledge, but who cares... it works!

Really? Do you still need a good reason to spend 36 minutes of your time watching this webinar?

Really? Do you still need a good reason to spend 36 minutes of your time watching this webinar?

I'm utterly serious when I say this... "Please set your EGO aside for a moment. The fact is: You've never in your entire life seen a coaching & consulting system as simple and as effective as this at finding premium clients and closing those clients at premium prices.  Aren't you the least bit curious to know what we're so excited about?"

Paul Tobey, Executive Coach

"As i considered enrolling in the program with Paul and Nancy and their team at Training Business Pros, it felt very expensive and I was extremely skeptical.  During the program we created a beautiful and highly effective new website and had it functioning almost immediately. Our online presence was greatly enhanced and we now constantly get favorable comments. With that succes in mind, we also took part the Inside Advantage program and are now planning another.  I would enthusiastically recommend Paul Tobey and Training Business Pros."

John Higgins

CEO, Higgins Event Rentals

"Paul and Nancy operate a top notch business and are very particular with the smallest details and they understand business owners.  They are the very best and i would recommend them to anyone who is considering their services.  i have had several past experiences with other companies doing similar work that just could not follow through on their game plan with little results and wasted investment dollars. Training Business Pros gets the job done right! I am currently working with Paul on an ongoing basis to support our marketing needs.  It's been a pleasure."

Glen Zacher

CEO, McGuire Financial Group

Meet Paul

Paul Tobey is the CEO of Training Business Pros and Lead Trainer as Canada’s Top Digital Marketing and Sales Trainer. Training Business Pros helps established business pros adopt proven digital marketing processes. The company has trained over 50,000 business owners across Canada and the USA, to a high degree of positive outcome, with some of his clients recognizing Paul as their catalyst to helping them earn millions.

Paul is also the author of several books. His favorite among them being Suggestology (right). His life story and transformation from the hungry, broke and cynical jazz musician he was to the community and business leader he is today by asking some new questions.

PaulTobey | Executive Consulting

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