How To Create Lead Generation with No Money in the 21st Century

The biggest problem that I see in businesses today is that while they understand the concept of lead generation they don’t necessarily know the quickest way and the least expensive way to generate leads. For my money the answer is search engine optimization.

Obviously you can pay for leads and there is some value to that. However, when you pay for leads you have to be 10 times as good as you think is possible in order to attract back end sales and create business as a result.

Therefore you don’t need to convert as much of that organic traffic because you’re not paying for it. Here are my top five ways to generate leads based on search engine optimization.

  1. Always do targeted keyword research first. If you do not research the keyword phrases for your webpages then you are casting a net into the dark. You obviously want to attract the right types of people and how would you know that until you actually researched how many people are searching for specific phrases and how big your competition is. For the answer to that you’ll have to visit a very powerful software called Market Samurai.
  2. Once you have your keyword phrases make sure you build webpages that have really good content. Without the content Google will not send you leads because Google thinks that you’re just trying to sell something. Always give your best information up front and make sure that you use the keyword phrase in abundance so that Google will be attracted to your webpage.
  3. Once your page is posted is on your website make sure that you have an opt in subscription box. Deliver them something of value in exchange for their first name, postal code, and e-mail address so that you can communicate with them over time. The goal of this is to build trust credibility and respect in a short amount of time.
  4. Once they’re in your lead generation system communicate the highest value you can in the shortest amount of time possible. Don’t cheese out. Obviously a lot of people want to give away something that’s not a value, if you do this then people will not trust you because they think that you’re just trying to give them nonsense and then sell them something.
  5. And finally, the best conversion system for that lead generation is once in a while to send out an e-mail that says this; for more information click here.

In the end your goal is to build the biggest mailing list possible because people don’t buy when you’re ready to sell. If you want the best online lead generation system possible bring some targeted organic traffic get them onto your mailing list deliver some value and convert them over time. For more information about auto responders click here.

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