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Did You Know?

Did you know that training your team in digital marketing is now a government priority? Up to $10,000 of any of our digital marketing courses can now be covered by government grant per employee.

Digital Marketing & Sales (DMS) Certification is for the business owner who wants to train their staff or the employee who wants to sky rocket their market value through a comprehensive set of digital marketing courses.

Digital marketing is a strategy that uses interactive channels to data mine, build a tribe or community around a brand, service or product and convert leads into sales. This certification was designed to give students not only the what to do but also the hands on experience to create and execute a high profitable digital marketing strategy.

What Trainees Gain

Our training programs marry high-value business intelligence with real-world application and up-to-the-minute digital strategies. Demonstrate your value by the results YOU have achieved by attending this program.

What a Having a TBP-Certified Marketing Rep Means for the Employer

Everything your team will learn is designed to help higher sales productivity and efficiency through automation and digital marketing. Your team can expect hands-on learning with certified trainers and expert digital marketers.

The biggest advantage to you is that you will have someone on staff to monitor the digital marketing of your company: someone that has been given the experience to leverage your business online and build more trust, credibility and ultimately sales in the digital sphere.

No longer will you have to blindly trust third party-providers to manage your campaigns. You can have someone on staff who knows the questions to ask to hold outside contractors accountable.

Attendees Will Learn How To

  • Drive traffic to a landing page
  • Build a profitable email list
  • Mine customer data
  • Segment your leads
  • Automate communications
  • Create conversions with today’s modern buyer
  • Drive Traffic with Google Adwords and Facebook Ads
  • Engage in social media remarketing

The widely-reaching DMS program was developed because we know that there is a fast-growing need from small-to-medium sized business who need the talent from “conversion specialists.”  These specialists are in high demand.

From desktops to tablets to mobile, buyers are becoming very sophisticated.  All businesses must now actively engaged in determining their relationship their target markets and potential buyers.

The Digital Marketing and Sales graduate certificate is earned through successful completion of 5 intensive digital marketing courses which can be completed onsite or online. If you would prefer to take the certification via Live stream then please contact our office at 416 444 7767 for availability.

The 5 digital marketing courses are explained below:

DMS Orientation

The orientation contains essential learning elements to get you acquainted with the program and facilitate your learning. Includes introduction to the Sales Funnel and Customer Life-cycle Marketing.

Lifecycle Marketing

Creating a sales and marketing strategy for a business can be daunting. Lifecycle Marketing model provides a simple framework you can use to design a digital marketing plan that will help you attract customers, grow sales and deliver an experience that wows your customers.This is a 3-Day intensive training on SEO, Blogging, Social Media and Hypnotic Copy writing.

Dynamic Digital marketing

Digital marketing for the purpose of increasing sales is about integrating digital into all facets of marketing.
You will learn everything from market research, sales funnel design, developing highly-effective marketing material in multiple formats and reading analytic helps you develop an online strategy.

Online Profit Secrets

Data Mining is the biggest game-changing opportunity for marketing and sales that exists today and probably one of the highest areas for growth for businesses. You will learn how to capture an array of insights into customer needs and behaviors all made possible through automation. Learn how your CRM can be juiced up to poll, segment, score, nurture, sell and convert all through automation.

Adwords & Facebook Ads Mastery

AdWords and Facebook Ads are a highly effective way to drive qualified traffic to a landing zone that has been set up to data-mine and convert. Do it wrong and you throw money away. Do it right and you can start seeing results instantly when you run your Pay-Per-Click ads.
This advanced training will leave you with transferable skills you can use for any business. When you master Adwords and you combine it with powerful landing zones, you have the power to earn money in almost any field.

Course Requirements

Mac or PC Laptop (wifi enabled). *Outdated laptops are not sufficient. Note that tablets are not powerful enough for this course.

Tuition: $10,000

Required Course Purchase Material

  • Market Samurai Software $99
  • Course Manual $120
  • Access to Online Training Portal $99
  • Reference Book: Brain Dead Offer by Paul Tobey $20
  • Reference Book: Suggestology by Paul Tobey $20
  • You will also need to setup free accounts with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Hootsuite.
  • Infusionsoft CRM Software: $2,000* Kickstart (Or similar software)
  • Final Exam $165

* Training Business Pros is the only authorized reseller where you can purchase this software in Canadian dollars.

You may also find it is useful to invest in:

  • Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, In Design, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, etc)
  • Microsoft Office
  • Camtasia

To learn more about obtaining your Digital Marketing and Sales Certification call us today at 416-444-7767 or click the apply now button.

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